palesucks said: Your hair grows rly fast dude


Tell me about it.

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arkytiorforemancampbell replied to your post: When I lean on my elbow when I’m on my…

Same for me. Eventually, that portion of my hand became constantly numb. A guy told me next step for him was not being able to move half his pinkie anymore, so now i’m scared of leaning on my elbow. Come share a brand new paranoia with me!

Oh that’s… 

*Hastily, yet nonchalantly sits up*

That sounds really not great at all. 

I know I lean on my left elbow far too much, and I’ve been trying to sit up straight more, so I might just take you up on that offer! *paranoia increases*

When I lean on my elbow when I’m on my bed, as I am just now, my hand goes numb. But. Only a portion of it. And that includes the pinky finger and exactly half of the ring finger. As in, you could draw a line down my finger and on one side it is numb and on the other it is not. I find this odd, and slightly amusing. Why are the nerves threaded through my elbow like that? Where are the nerves for the not-numb half of my finger going? 

This has been, interesting bodily observation minute with your host, Seumas.

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ian chesterton cameo 2k14

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Anonymous said: Be you Seumas Hood?

Aye! ‘tis me, Seumas Hood! (Look, I even have a hood! The hood is even green! Though my bow is of course red.)




AU where the dinossaur lives and becomes the ultimate companion

everything would have worked out if dinossaur


this is the greatest thing ever

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aceinnatailsuit replied to your post “the robin hood in the teeny preview for the next episode looks like you”


I’m looking at pictures of him now thinking… Yeah?

I can see a resemblance of sorts.

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whimsicalspecks said: the robin hood in the teeny preview for the next episode looks like you

Well, with the beard maybe?

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